China Honey Comb Panel Provide Exclusive Range of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


China Honey Comb Panel is providing an exclusive range of honeycomb panel to fulfil the industrial needs. Our honeycomb panels are typically constructed of two face sheets and a core. Our honeycomb panel is aluminum alloy, which is not radioactive and does not volatilize any harmful gases Honeycomb Core.

Honeycomb Aluminum Panel render a stylish appearance while also offering protection from air and water. The panel is mainly made of the composite honeycomb structure and also made of high-quality alloy materials. The panels are lightweight, rigid and fire tested to A2 against standard EN 13501-1. The product has the most important advantages to aluminium honeycomb clean room panels is the fact that it is non-shedding.

We have stocks aluminum honeycomb panels in various thicknesses and sizes for quick turnarounds. Our panels are made from honeycomb sandwich plate with honeycomb structure as its core, which is inspired by the natural hexagonal honeycomb Stone Honeycomb Panel.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel are composed of multi-layer foils made of aluminium. The honeycomb is formed after the expansion. Our honeycomb is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.The panels are a light-weight and strong sandwich-type panel consisting of two aluminium alloy face sheets. Our panels are made of aluminum alloy plates roller coated with PVDF while in the middle are the aluminum. If you want to know more about product range, then you can visit our official website.

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